Thursday, May 31, 2007

Love to love you baby

Truth be told, I have always suspected that the Phenom loves me mostly for my cheese and onion enchiladas. Because I'm still in full apology mode, I made a batch tonight - and even I have to say that they were the best I've ever made.

I'll try to recreate what I did.

I sliced one sweet onion, chopped several cloves (three maybe?) of garlic, and sliced up three banana peppers a friend gave me from her garden. I sweated the veg over med - med/low heat with a table spoon each of olive oil and butter and of course salt and pepper. Towards the end of the sweating process, I added in a good pinch of dried thyme, and about 1/2 tsp each of coriander, cumin, and chili powder.

I took a rectangular pan, lined it with foil, sprayed it with spray oil, and put several spoonfuls of canned HOT enchilada sauce in the bottom. I used a non stick frying pan over med. heat to heat the corn tortillas -- using a bit of spray oil between every second or third tortilla. I put a smallish spoonful of the veg in the tortilla and a smallish handful of shredded quesadilla melting cheese - rolled them, and put them in the pan. I got a dozen in the pan. I topped with the rest of the hot enchilada sauce and several spoonfuls of mild enchilada sauce -- and then a generous amount of cheese.

I heated it all in the oven -- and took off the foil for the last ten minutes of cooking. The tortillas absorbed most of the sauce -- and the veg were so soft that you couldn't really tell they were there. The mix of the hot and mild sauce was perfect for a bit of a kick but nothing overwhelming.

The Phenom was pleased - but still hasn't let go of that whole "you thought evil thoughts about me for months" bit -- I really shouldn't have said that part out loud.

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