Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm a very bad Monkey

A long time ago, in a fit of mimsy, I purchase two silicone hotpads in a lovely light blue. They weren't expensive, but they were useful and pretty. Sometime last year, one of my lovely hotpads went missing. Naturally, I accused the Phenom of carelessly and without regard for my feelings, of throwing it out. I looked and looked in every place I could imagine it to be in my kitchen. Every few weeks, I'd bring it up again in hopes of the Phenom admitting the crime. More often than that, I would think less than charitable thoughts about the Phenom and how I would never have my lovely hotpad back.

Until yesterday, when I found it inside a basket I use to cart hot dishes to and from social events. Apparently, I used the hotpad to keep a hot dish from sliding around. I think it was probably the cast christmas party last December.

But, I'm not without redeeming qualities. After all, I've learned lots of relationship skills from the Chick. So, last night I had to make full confession and apology to the Phenom. I had to own up to months of suspicions and false accusations. I owned up to all the mean thoughts the Phenom didn't even know about. I had to offer to allow the Phenom to pants me as retribution. Now the Phenom has leverage and I fear I will find my self doing the dishes the rest of the summer as way of payback. sigh.

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The Chick said...

You give The Chick to much credit....but she will TAKE IT!!!