Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A good week

I like to say that a good week is one in which I mooch more than one meal. This has been quite a good week. It isn't really just an economic thing. I love food. The wanting to share food with me is a very high compliment. The wanting to BUY the food we share is just over the top.

Yesterday, ESK brought me home made greek spaghetti - enough that Phenom and I both had dinner. Today, an old pal bought my lunch (also greek - I'm feeling a trend). And then, tonight the Phenom and I went to dinner with my old pal and her hubby -- on a gift card from the pal's hubby. That's THREE meals all in a row. My lunch tomorrow will be my leftovers from today - which makes a fourth meal.

Friday, I'm playing hooky from work and the Phenom and I are going on a "date." Which means a boozy lunch at a restaurant with cloth napkins and then a movie. That will make for 5 meals mooched this week. This just might be a record.

Oh yes - and, ESK brought me a WONDERFUL monkey shot glass from her honeymoon. Now, can you get a more meaningful token? She didn't know me when she went on her honeymoon - and this is a treasure from that happy time -- and she wanted to share it with me. She wanted to share the happiness of that experience with me. Oh dear, I think I'm going to sniff a bit now.
My karma must be at a high. I will have to spend a few minutes examining any recent good acts - and try to recreate more opportunities to stash away good karma points.

Oh yes - I wanted to make a product endorsement. I do this sort of thing entirely of my own tastes and will -- no money is exchanged. The only influences of my product endorsements is my own personal tastes and experiences.

If you like Ginger ale, you must try this:

It is spicy, gingery, and very very refreshing on a hot, southern day. It comes in regular, HOT, diet, and a ginger beer option. I've never seen the ginger beer in a market. I tend to stick with the regular. Someday, I'll try the hot.

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