Friday, April 06, 2007


Much has been in the news lately about the environment, global warming, and the human role in the phenomena. Al Gore got an oscar for his documentary about global warming and the environment. There is some giant conference going on somewhere on the planet about the fact of global warming - and what exactly might happen if it continues and what might help prevent those dire events. Some 800 scientists have signed onto this latest report.

I understand - scientists once thought the world was flat and the smallest particles on earth were atoms. I know that as humans evolve, they sometimes realize that what they knew as "fact" wasn't actually as factual as previously believed. In reality, there is something of a dash of faith in science. However, we do actually know that there are species of animals that have just disappeared from the planet. They aren't cleverly hiding. They're gone. And, when frogs in ponds start developing extra legs and heads, it's not really a "good" evolution thing. And the alarming rate of birth defects and premature deaths and cancer in particularly polluted areas is a fact.

What completely befuddles me is that this very dire report from all these scientists has been around for quite a few weeks, but only recently has there been a hoopla and shaking of heads over it. Why? Because politicians and talking heads have gotten into the mix - why else?

Now, I know - I've been less than kind to the American government types. In this particular instance, it isn't just the American talking heads. This is an international bonfire.

Apparently, the talking heads would like to "soften" the language in the report. For example, rather than the scientists saying they have "very high confidence" the planet is in trouble, the talking heads would prefer it to read that they merely have "high confidence."

Just like the government isn't it? The planet is circling the crapper, and they are quibbling over it's turning clock wise or counter clock wise.

But, the bright spot is that apparently, talking heads are giant pools of stupidity the world over. We don't have a patent on the process. That's kinda nice to know, isn't it?

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