Sunday, April 01, 2007

Pee Pee Issues

This weekend has been the weekend of pee. With one cat, no pee. No pee means she tries to pee everywhere. She's had these issues before, so we know it isn't THAT serious. So, we lock her in a bathroom with her very own litter box. Only, she hates being in the bathroom, so she has mewed until she has lost her voice. Tomorrow, bright and early, we will call the vet and get some of those icky pills that will make her pee again. She hates the pills, but hates the bathroom more.

And, in other pee news, I learned that waterproof shoes are waterproof inside and out. As in, I poured a shoe full of pee out and then threw the shoe out. Sadly, it was one of my favorite shoes. I bought them while traveling, so they cannot be replaced exactly. And, since we have several cats, we don't know whose ears to pinch off - although there is a leading candidate.

It's not cruel. You'd do it too.

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