Friday, March 23, 2007

Thank you sir, may I have another?

Totally true tales of Karma's fickle fickle nature.

First, that boy scout. He tried to go home from his camping trip a day early. And, somehow his "boy scout training" told him that wandering away from the group, not telling anyone where he was going, and thinking he could hitchhike and find the only non-pervert who picks up little boys on the side of the highway was a good idea. And, how did Karma repay his erroneous thinking? By leaving him in the woods for four days without food, potable water, friends, warm sleeping bags, or a ride home.

Second, the evil side kick got a happy happy laugh at her spouse when spouse locked his keys in his car. And how did karma repay her? By getting her locked out of the house in nothing but a towel the next morning.

Third, I mused over the lovely highs and lows of our business and remarked that it was nice that we'd hit a low just at the right time. And, karma heard my boast and slammed me with work so that I was up 'til 4:00am this morning finishing it all and then had to be back at work at 8:30am -- and then one of the regional managers called this afternoon and threatened to make me take over another ailing branch. Yup, I'm karma's bitch.

Fourth, while returning to my office this afternoon after making deliveries, a local attorney stepped out from between two cars directly into the path of my car. I actually am fairly acquainted with this attorney and find his total lack of regard for drivers right in step with his personality. So, in a split second, I decided to let the attorney live and NOT run him down. (And, I would have gotten away with it too because it would have been his fault for stepping into oncoming traffic.) And, how did Karma repay me for not gunning down one of nature's creatures? Immediately after letting this clueless thing live, I noticed an accident ahead, several cop cars, and the road blocked - but I happened to be exactly in the position to whip my car to the right and around the block and out of the line of cars stuck. Thanks KARMA, it's just what I wanted!!

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kris said...

It does come around . . . EVENTUALLY.

That stupid effing boy scout got his, though, didn't he? That'll show him not to call his one night stands when he says he will . . .