Saturday, March 24, 2007

The most expensive trashy book ever

I think I've commented before that the whirlwind around the death of Anna Nicole has me a bit baffled. I just don't think she was that interesting of a person. Truth be told, she was something of a train wreck. She never professed to being bright. She openly used her sex appeal for everything from getting work to snagging a wealthy husband. Other women have done that. There isn't really anything that special about being willing to flash some leg or cleavage to get ahead.

I think the most interesting aspect to her death is the quick proximity to the mysterious death of her son. Any good conspiracy theorist would be able to cook up quite a story linking the two deaths, the wealth, the less than savory people she surrounded herself with, and drugs.

I can't for the life of me figure out why anyone would spend half a million dollars for her diaries. Unless, it's to bribe the people who appear in it. I'm, of course, assuming that the diaries contain the names of people who she bedded. But, then again, maybe the dumb blond thing was a great act and in these diaries we'll find the secret to world peace and turning coal to gold. Somehow, I'm thinking the purchaser would have been better off putting his/her half million in mason jars and burying them in their back yard.

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