Saturday, March 10, 2007

embracing the inner 4th grader

Well, since I never really was a real 4th grader, that's kinda hard to do, but I feel like I got the whole experience tonight. I watched the movie "the benchwarmers" tonight. Pretty much every single gross, vile thing kids think is funny is in this movie.

I only watched it on the recommendation of a friend who has three little boys, and I know he is pretty careful about what he allows them to watch. Half way through, I realized that he liked it because he still thinks that stuff is funny. sigh.

But, now I'm wondering, after last night's post which was kinda a 5th - 6th grade thing --- and then tonight's movie choice - it would appear I'm regressing. However, how can I regress if I were never a human kid to begin with? My brain is spinning. Perhaps that third rum and coke was a bad idea.

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