Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another Brick in my Empire

After posting last night, I had the semi-brilliant idea of creating a "monkeys in the news" blog. I say semi-brilliant because it is nowhere near an original idea. A quick search let me know that there are other folks of like minds on the planet.

So, why do it if it's not ground breaking and cutting edge? Well, in case you haven't noticed already, I'm rather self-indulgent. Also, the couple of the many I looked at appear to be devoted either to rather serious news only or hiding the news behind lots and lots of ads.

My blog may or not be different in that I will include both real AND imaginary monkeys in my coverage. And, someday, I may sell out and post ads someday so I can become filthy, stinkin' rich. I think my goal of taking over the planet will be made easier if I'm filthy, stinkin' rich, don't you?

You can find the new blog at

I warn you, it's under construction right now and isn't terribly impressive. But, give me some time. Like empires, blogs of note take time to build.

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