Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Monkey Idol

I have avoided ever seeing the show American Idol - largely because I can't imagine it being terribly interesting. I frankly don't understand the hoopla over the winners or would be winners. I don't know why anyone thinks that rude guy is so wonderful or funny or clever or what ever people think he is. I know, I have a bad attitude. But, I'm okay with that.

Well, I knew my karma was out of wack, because I find that I will soon be seeing a former "idol" in concert. Now, it's not really bad karma, per se. I mean, I'll be going with the Chick -and she's always a good time. And, I'll be having a luxurious weekend in what the brits would call a "mini-break." But, there it is, I will also be seeing this idol person too. I couldn't tell you the first song this idol sings.

I think I'm not so much worried about the show it's self - but rather the fans. I suspect that the fans I'll be bumping into are either going to be very young, or older and rather drunk. I hope there isn't much flinging of panties on the stage.

Given that I don't wear underpants myself, I'll feel a bit left out if everyone starts flinging panties. I wonder if socks with fun monkeys on them would be out of order?

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