Sunday, April 10, 2016


I have been cooking for the Phenom for 100 years now.  In fact, I truly believe that the pathway to Phenom's heart really was through the stomach . . . chili and chocolate cake/choco chip cookies!

But, truth be told, Phenom started out with a limited palate.  Although Mom-Phenom made really good desserts, she wasn't really into cooking for the sake of cooking.  She worked a full time job and so she'd typically cook a big Sunday meal and the family would eat off the leftovers all week.  Friday nights, Phenom's father would cook . .. . generally something meaty. But, the Phenom family was decidedly of the ilk that food was necessary to live, but not something to get all excited over.

Over the years, I've expanded the Phenom's food range.  Partly through manipulation, partly through playing on flavors I know are acceptable.  Oh, and manipulation.  

This past week, a friend sent me a freebie of Blue Apron; a meal delivery service.  They send you hand selected items and step by step instructions to prepare a meal.  This past week, we had salmon with roasted sweet potato disks, and salad with walnuts and green apple, chicken with a garlic spinach rice and curried tomato sauce, and meatball ragout.  

Phenom liked the roasted sweet potatoes and I'll make those again.  The garlic spinach rice was just weird and way way way too much garlic.  Fennel was the predominate flavor in two of the meals.  The meatballs were good, but would have been better in a bbq sauce.  The Phenom has always insisted that salmon has a "particular" flavor and not a favorite.  But, the salmon in this was wild caught and very good.  So, now I know I can fix salmon in the future. Also, the picky about fruit Phenom picked all the green apple pieces out of the salad and liked them.  

We're not going to be doing more of these meals . . . but it was interesting and at least I've got a couple new things I can add to the list of edibles.

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