Friday, January 08, 2016

Breathing easy

I've spent way too much time navel gazing on this one, I know, but you cannot begin to wrap your brain around what a struggle the last several months have been.  Seriously.

And, by contrast, it is flippin' amazing how much better life is now that Problem Child has moved on to inflict her very special brand of "chock-full-o-nuts" on others.  Frankly, I'm surprised I'm not greeted by chirping birds and rainbows each morning when I get to the office.

There is laughing at the office again.  There is civil conversation.  There is rationality.  RATIONAL BEHAVIOR!!! Imagine.

At the same time, now that I'm out of the looney bin, I can't help but marvel at how truly terrible it was.  The behaviors that were endured are gob-smacking.  Seriously.

I need to learn to shrug my shoulders and mutter "people be crazy" and stop trying to find rational and sane explanations for all that went on.

Example: Problem child would fill out her timesheet incorrectly and when I told her that I would not sign an incorrect tine sheet and that her time sheet had to be an accurate reflection of the hours worked . . . rather than apologize and re-do it, she's stomp and accuse me of being "very aggressive."  Stupid thing was . . . several times I was trying to get her to record EXTRA hours and save some of her vacation time.  I was working in HER FAVOR but she was more committed to making me back down on that whole "not committing fraud with the federal government" thing I have going.

Example: Problem Child was required to file regular progress reports.  She was not a strong writer and frequently made mistakes, so I required that she give me a draft before we submitted a final report.  When we'd get the template for the report, we would go through it page by page, section by section and discuss what needed to be included.  On the last report she filed, she couldn't remember what she was suppose to write (what we had discussed) and so she deleted the last page and assumed I wouldn't notice.  WTF?

People be crazy.  Big time crazy.

But, that is behind me now.  WHEW!

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