Tuesday, September 22, 2015


This weekend, I received a designer handbag as a gift.  It is very pretty, has plenty of pockets, and is a bright color monkeys find fetching.  It was a lovely and thoughtful gift.  (Truth be told, I carry a lot of candy with me. And lip goos . . . lots and lots of lip goo.)

But, I'm not actually a designer handbag sort of monkey.  Most of my handbags, I bought from Ebay. (Disclaimer, I do have a knock off Prada handbag I purchased on the streets of DC but the point was more to bargain the guy down to the price I wanted to pay.  I actually don't recall what he was asking because I told him what I wanted to pay, stuck to it, and was willing to walk away in order to get him to relent.  The Phenom was both horrified and impressed.)

I carried my new designer bag to work with me today, and propped it up on a shelf behind my desk.  And, no one noticed it.  No one commented.  I thought the whole point to a designer bag was to elicit comment from other humans.   Otherwise, wouldn't one of my ebay purchases be as good?

The Phenom asked what others thought of the new bag.  I think he was disappointed, too, that this new acquisition didn't immediately create some level of status for me.  Sigh.  Oh well, I have a very important meeting with very important people later this week . . . one I normally break out the knock off Prada for . . . so perhaps I'll find myself hoisted up the social ladder all due to this gift.  We can hope, right?

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