Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Never Poke a Sleeping Bear

Because it will wake up and eat you.

In this story, the Phenom is the bear and his supervisor is holding the stick.

Part of it is bad timing. Admittedly, the stick holder wouldn't know that . . . but some basic human consideration would have gone a long way in keeping that bear asleep.

Part of it is a "customer" who is being unreasonable.  But, the supervisor seemed to question the integrity of the Phenom.  And, there is no faster way to find yourself without a leg than to even hint that the Phenom is anything but forthright.

The bad timing . . . the death of a family member, days of travel, the emotional roller coaster of seeing long lost relatives but under such circumstances.  Made the bear particularly ready to eat the first moron to come along with a stick and grandiose ideas.

I once hear one of the Phenom's co-workers say that in witnessing the Phenom "have enough" his only logical response was involuntary urination.  This is gonna be so much more intense.

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