Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shade and Boozy Cake

At some point, every kid brings home the trophy.  For some kids, it comes easy and for others it takes a little longer to find their niche.

I kinda stayed away from sports as a young monkey.  Well, there were brief stints on the track team and rowing team.  The rowing team might have worked out, you know with my long, muscular arms and all, but we moved away before it became an obsession.  Then, I discovered working and making money and running disappeared.

And, I was pretty smart, but never the smartest.

But, now, finally! I have brought home the big trophy.  I won a blue ribbon in the county fair for my "liquor loaf."

When I told Phenom, he said he was surprised.  Then he explained that he thought it would be disqualified for the booze content.

When I told the grad student, he asked if there it were the only entry.

Damn . . . I finally have a moment in the spot light.  I'm finally at the top of the awards dais, and ya'll throw shade.  See how many fruitcakes you get this year.  BFF said she knew it would win all along . . . she just might get one fruit cake every month next year.  HA!

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