Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wardrobe changes

Karma has truly had it's way with me.  Some time ago, I made the snarky remark on facebook about how that day I'd joined the "people of wal-mart."  I was sick, but had to make a run to the store for yet more kitty litter. (You would not believe how many tons of kitty litter my household runs through a week.)

So, in sloppy knit pants and a sweatshirt, to Wal-Mart I went.  And, I didn't care if I ended up as an example of the ruin of western civilization.

Then, the last three months happened.  I have lived in sloppy knit pants for the last 3 plus months.  (Granted, most of that time I didn't manage to leave the house.)  There were a few days before the first surgery when I was able to wear something human.  And, now, this week, we are finally in pants that button again.

Good one Karma . . . I'll be more careful with my hyperbole in the future.  Oh, and I learned something about not making too many assumptions about people who wander the planet in pajama pants.  Lesson learned.

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