Saturday, April 12, 2014

Healing of the body, rotting of the brain

We are getting close to being a functional monkey again!!  The wound vac will come off next week, to be replaced with an intricate pattern of bandages and tape.  But, even looking like a first aid class gone wrong, being without the wound vac offers more mobility.

This week, I was finally able to rejoin the SMLF table.  And, it was celebratory cherry mt dews for everyone.

But, now I need to wean myself off the media I've been consuming during my confinement.  I have become TLC's viewing monkey. . . which is not a good thing at all.

In the beginning, I was streaming shows from PBS.  And, of course shows from my favorite foodies.  But, then, there were those dark nights where I watched Say Yes To The Dress back to back.  Then, the prime availability for both the foodie shows and the wedding dress show disappeared and I had to find something else to watch.  I watched some crime shows, but I also fell into the TLC abyss.  Two "reality" shows involving over indulged southern men . . . some dude name Christley (I think) and a bunch of whiners in Charleston, SC.  Frankly, now that I write this, I don't even know if they are TLC shows . . . they just seem to be the TLC sort.

I also have given into reading comments on the interwebs.  Fortunately, Jezebel has the best comments ever.  The folks who read/comment seem thoughtful and willing to say they made a mistake and discuss . . . but they are also terribly funny.  This holds for news stories, opinions, and gossip stories.  I am hoping reading the clever comments on their site is balancing the harm done by my television habits.

But did you hear that one of the Dugger daughters is engaged?

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