Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Could be daylight, could be a train

Post op appointment today.  I'd, naturally, worked myself up in to a full frenzy, totally believing that the doctor lied to me before surgery and simply told me what he thought I wanted to hear.

Apparently, and I'm sure you're as surprised as I am, I over reacted.

He is scheduling me for a test (within the next few days) to make sure the bits they operated on have healed properly.  If the tests come back as he hopes they will, he will schedule me for the last surgery to reverse what they had to put in place to allow for healing.  He also says that by that time, the wound vac should be unnecessary, and I should be good to make my travel plans in mid-April!

Tomorrow, I will call his clinic to double check on the radiology appointment.  I don't trust the people in his clinic to actually follow up or do their work as they should . . . or bother to communicate with me.  They've got a terrible track record thus far, I'd be surprised if they break form now.

I still can't imagine that the stars are actually going to fall into place to allow me to travel in mid-April . . . but I've got some hope.  And, that hope is allowing me to have a bit more energy, a bit more drive to be more active.

And, my estimate of how much weight I've lost from this little misadventure was EXACTLY on.  As much fun as it has been to have a no veggie, all meat and carbs diet . . .. I'm sooooo looking forward to kale and cabbage and fruit again.  Oh, a salad . . . A SALAD!  I'll even share my bugs.

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