Thursday, December 05, 2013

Very Bad Monkey

Tonight, over the course of a few text messages, I went from being "Silly Monkey" to "That Super Bongo is a bad influence."

Favorite 12 year-old (F12O):  We got Phenom beer for christmas
Me: Hurray! Beer!
F12O: Yeah, it's a birra grande
Me: Have you tried it?
F12O: Not that I recall
Me: You should tell your dad you need to have some for quality control
F12O: Ironically, he came in right as I got that text
Me: So?
F12O: He didn't give a direct answer
Me: That's frustrating
F12O: Heh Heh that means I don't have anything stopping me.  He didn't say no.

That one is gonna be a handful, real soon.

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