Thursday, December 19, 2013

Oh that pesky 1st Amendment

First off, let us remind ourselves of what the constitution ACTUALLY SAYS.  Read here.  And, of course every good rule has exceptions, and you can read them here.

The issue that probably rankles me the most is this whole religion thing.  The first amendment specifically prohibits laws that establish a state religion.  That's why we are NOT a "christian" nation.  Yes, we have lots of christian people in our nation, but the nation is not specifically christian.  And, we have a whole lot of folks in this nation who are both religious and NOT CHRISTIAN.  That is their right.  Also, the amendment can not impede YOU from practicing YOUR religion . . . so long as your practice does not violate the social order (like human sacrifice.)  However, this does not give you license to IMPOSE your religious practices on others as a matter of LAW.  If you want to pray before taking a test in math class . . . GREAT.  You can not create a law/policy forcing everyone in the room to say YOUR prayer before math tests.  You can choose not to utilize the birth control benefit offered by your health insurance but you cannot, on religious grounds, demand that a law is made prohibiting other folks from utilizing that benefit in accordance to their belief system.

Also, say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays all you want.  But stop getting so pissy if someone doesn't say your preferred generic greeting back to you.

Which leads us to freedom of speech.  This freedom means you can say things the government might not like, and they can't arrest you (with some exceptions . . . pretty much, child porn is not a freedom of speech issue).  It does not mean you can say any foul, hateful, nasty, bigoted, backasswards thing that comes into your brain with NO SOCIAL RAMIFICATIONS.  If you think it is just Hill-air-ious to post an old "negros not welcome" sign in your place of business . . . I totally have the right to refuse to enter your business and tell others why I refuse to utilize your business.  If you are a corporate bully and try to use your millions of dollars to shut down a small business man, I can tell anyone I want why I don't eat "the jesus chicken."

If what you say loses business for your employer . . . your employer can fire you.  If you incite violence with your speech, you can be arrested or sued.  Freedom of Speech is not freedom of stupidity.

That is all.

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