Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Yesterday was Phenom's birthday.

I decided that Saturday would be the "pre-birthday."  I woke Phenom up with waffles for breakfast.  I even made coffee . . . since I only drink the stuff when Phenom makes it for me, this was kinda a big deal.  I also insisted on gift openage.

Then, I made the molasses spice cookies Phenom loves.  I said "they are YOUR cookies, eat as many as you want."  Then, when a new pan would come out of the oven, I'd yell "HOT SIGN ON" . . . because when they are warm, like a krispy kreme, they melt in your mouth.

Instead of a legit dinner, we went to the bar where asshats don't try to pick a fight with Phenom on sight and had bar food and margaritas garnished with mini-beers.

Then, on the ACTUAL birthday, there was the annual beating of the arse, cards, TACO NIGHT, and a friend dropped of the most excellent yard chair ever.

Usually, Phenom feels that I'm the one spoiled on the birthday.  This year, I think Phenom felt quite the center of attention, and he liked it.

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