Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On the horizon, FUN

One of our all time favorite movies is A Christmas Story.  We love the anticipation Ralphie has, leading up the Christmas morning.  In fact, in keeping with that build up, we never watch it before the 24 hour marathon showing of it on Christmas eve/day.

I kinda feel like Ralphie right now.

I've got fun plans made . . . but waiting is becoming a torture.

This weekend, we are going to a cabin in the woods with friends.  There will be good food and drinking.  But, best of all . . . friends we haven't seen in a long while.

And June is jam packed.  We have a weekend with friends at their beach house.  And, of course, a week in N'awlins.  We have two new restaurants we want to visit this trip.  Daily visits to their menu pages on the interwebz isn't helping me with the anticipation problems.

This trip, the drinking theme/game (you know, drinking is more fun if you have a game) will be Noah's Ark.  We're going to drink the rainbow and collect as many animal (toys) from drinks as we can.  There may or may not (totally) be plans to imbibe a worm in pursuit of a free t-shirt.

And, because you need balance, I'm seriously thinking of signing up for a yoga/cardio bootcamp class.  OY! I've lost my mind, haven't I?

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