Monday, January 14, 2013


I feel like I'm in some pretty cool, Portland themed pay-it-forward.  Today, in the mail, I received a package from someone in New Jersey.  At first, I assumed it was one of the several travel books I've signed up for through various tourist sites.  But, the New Jersey address kinda threw me.  I mean, who would think that the Portland tourism board would outsource their mailings to New Jersey?

And, when I opened it, it was a copy of Portlandia, A Guide for Visitors.  I love the show.  I'm hoping that the show is based on actual people who can be found in and around Portland.  But, I have no idea who sent me the book.  Well, there is a return address label.  But it isn't anyone I can recall actually knowing off the top of my head.

So, my imagination is in high gear.  Is this a cult recruitment tool?  Will Portland proselytizers show up on my doorstep, soon, to discuss with me the benefits of accepting Portland into my life?  Is this someone who knows someone who heard I was going to Portland?  Or is there a branch of Anonymous who monitors folks who register for the tourist books and sends out Portlandia?

It's pretty cool.  Getting a treatsky in the mail, totally unexpected, is the kind of thing that makes you think the world isn't half bad . . . and maybe I should give Portland a chance, eh?

Anyway, THANKS Judy from New Jersey!

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