Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No good deed . . .

I injure myself in the funniest ways.  I sometimes worry that my somewhat fantastic stories about how exactly I get these boo-boos might someday be seen as a cover up for abuse.

Right now, I've got a numb thumb and bruised up knuckles on two fingers on my right hand.  From cracking pecans.

A customer is selling pecans to help fund a mission trip early next year.  I bought 5 pounds.  I spent most of the evening yesterday cracking just about a third of what I bought.  But, I don't actually own a real nutcracker.  So, I used the bottle opener on my kitchen shears.

Last year, I got pretty good at using a beer bottle to crack pecans.  Maybe the combination of drinking the beer, and using the bottle as a nutcracker will help ease my pain as well as be more effective.

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