Monday, November 19, 2012


Just as I get all giddy each spring when new crops appear at my local farmer's market, I also get all happy over winter foods.  Hearty stews and soups.  Beans, Greens.  Heavy, stick to your ribs, slowly cooked foods.

Thanksgiving is something of the opening day for winter cooking.

This week, I fixed a "mess" of collards.  We had a couple of frosty windshield mornings, so it was time to get collards.  I served them up tonight with hoppin' john (black eyed peas and rice topped with chopped tomato, green onion, and grated cheddar cheese) and corn bread.  I made a pecan pie (with some of the 5 pounds of pecans I bought, and have lost all feeling in my thumb for cracking).

For thanksgiving dinner, I'll be making a pot of gumbo.  And, of course a pumpkin pie.

And, then, THEN, we will fire up the new smoker for a post thanksgiving event we are calling "Smoke, and Be Smoked."  There will be much consumption of beer while letting the smoker do its magic.

It will be a very good week.

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