Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Greatest Scam Ever

Have ya'll heard of "Boss's Day"?  Apparently, our annual fall trip to NOLA has interfered with me being properly feted on Boss's Day.  This reminds me of those years when I took my birthday off from work and finally one year had no choice but work and it was like non-stop adoration and goodies.

This is like the greatest scam ever. 

ESK showed up this morning with a beautiful vase of flowers for me . . . and several tubes of Pringles . . . and fancy smancy chocolate (dark chocolate with sea salt. . . YUMMMMM) and a cool card and bought me lunch. 

And, over lunch we heard horror stories about other people's bosses who they were avoiding.  Bosses that are nothing like me.  And, I bet they didn't get treats galore either.

So, all day today, every action has been punctuated with "like a boss!" which is just a bonus.

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