Monday, May 07, 2012

One of those "ask forgiveness" situations?

One of the first, fundamental, lessons I learned about being human is that sometimes it is better to ask forgiveness than permission.  Generally, I think that any situation covered by this rule is probably something you ought to think twice about in the first place. 

But.  There is always a but, right?

Last month, my backwards little community finally started curbside recycling.  I've been sorting trash like a champ since.  Last pick up, we actually filled our 96 gallon recycling container.  I was so proud, even if I didn't get an award.

Phenom thinks I'm obsessed with recycling.  On one hand, there seem to be some items, like copy paper, that he thinks it is unreasonable to recycle, but on the other, he is more than happy to leave all the cat food cans for me to peel the labels and wash out. 

This weekend, after making my first Saturday morning visit to our tailgate farmer's market (WOOT), I was making a big ol' salad with all the fresh veggies when I thought to myself . . . I wonder what Phenom would say/do if I got a composter?  We throw out so much in the way of compostables.  It would be nice to have my own organic compost for the garden. 

Perhaps if one follows me home from work one day, we can keep it?

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