Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fanning Fires

I've mentioned that I've had a long standing flirtation with mail carriers.  It dates back to the days when I was first taken in by the Old Folks.  It doesn't matter if the carrier is male or female, gay or straight . . . although I have drawn the line at criminal and/or smarmy.  I suppose one could over think it and say something about the correlation between a nice human bringing me "gifts" and me returning it with overt kindness.  But, let's not.

A couple of years ago, the joke started in our office that the UPS guy had a crush on me.   He would linger in the office, make chit-chat.  Then, he started bringing me my home delivery packages when he had an office package.  Then, he started lingering on our doorstep with packages for Phenom.  Nothing creepy, but kinda sweet.

Last week, Phenom was off whacking tennis balls, and I was hanging out with Chester when the UPS truck pulled up in front of our house.  I knew it was the UPS truck immediately, because Chester always goes nuts.  I went around the house to see my favorite UPS guy in our front yard.  I had to sign for the package, and he joked that he should card me because he thought it might be wine.  I told him it was beer.  He looked at me sideways, and I explained that I'd given Phenom a "beer of the month club" membership for valentine's day.  I'm pretty sure the look on his face was a crush turning into pure love.

But, some how, I don't think Phenom has anything to worry about.  A dude in a uniform never really did anything for me.

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