Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Insert bad AA joke here

The tendency to denial is strong with me.  One of the reasons I like to avoid folks in white coats is because I don't really like having to be in the position of hearing bad news, or having to deal with it.  (And, they have pointy sticks they like to jab people with, repeatedly.)  However, once I suck it up, and face the bad news, I actually don't do that bad a job of dealing with it.  (Don't ask the Phenom about that . . . known to lie, you know.)

But, this denial tendency extends to books.  Back, before everyone had a tiny, flat computer on their laps, you could flip to the last page and see if the main characters were still around.  (Yes, I am one of those readers . . . suspense gets the better of me.)  But, now that I'm reading books in an electronic version, it would take much more effort to flip to the last page.  So, I find myself slowing down on reading, once I reach the "scary" bits.

Maybe it isn't denial but cowardice?  I have nightmares real easy too.  If I get to a scary bit (or section with bugs) I have to read past it before I can sleep.  Bug nightmares . . . uh.

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