Thursday, February 16, 2012


I've said, more than once, that I seriously dislike stupid people.  Not people who can't . . . but people who can and decide not to.

So, the train wreck that is/was Whitney Houston kinda bothers me.  Well, the unabashed romanticizing of her life bothers me.

It seems to me that there are so many humans who start out life with so many disadvantages.  Sometimes it's poverty or lack of access to proper medical care or isms or disabilities.  But, you so often see people who start off with disadvantages work and struggle and create something of their lives.  Whether it's the intellectually disabled person who has faithfully arrived at their job at the sheltered workshop for 20 years without a single absence, or the person from the third world who was just awarded a Nobel prize, they made something of their lives and contributed to the planet.

Whitney Houston started out life way ahead in the race.  She had a family pedigree that bought her instant entry into the world of entertainment/fame/fortune.  She had an incredible talent.  She was beautiful.  She could have seriously contributed to the planet.  (I know, some would say that her music did contribute.  I won't argue with that, but I was thinking that she could use her position to advocate for medical care for the poor or food for the hungry or music education programs in the inner city.)  But, instead, she threw it all away on a spiral of self-pity and drugs and booze.

That's the stupidity I dislike in humans.

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