Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Brain Hurts

I love technology, except for when I don't.  I'm happily flipping through apps and books and music on my new hand-held, wi-fi toy.  But, I've also spent the better part of this week trying to gain access to a central computing system housed in headquarters.  One whole afternoon was spent selecting and answering "security" questions.  Some questions are easy to answer, like "what was the make of your first car?"  Your first car doesn't change.  Other questions, seem too easy to have changeable answers, like "what is your favorite movie?"  If you'd asked me that when I was in school, it would have undoubtedly be Monty Python's Holy Grail.  Other times in my life it might have been "Harvey" . . . now?  I have no idea what I could call my FAVORITE movie.

The happy ending to this story is that today I finally was able to access the data base and start inputting and crunching numbers.  I did this for most of the day, save for a Spider Monkey Lunch and sending the intern out on a cupcake run.

Then, just as the day was winding down, I sat down for an interview with a young journalist.  He's bright and young and earnest.  He thought doing a story on my business would be an interesting puff piece, until I steered him in a direction near and dear to my heart.  Then, we sent him home with a handful of literature and a few names of folks to talk to in order to flesh out his story.  It was a highly satisfying end to a busy day.

Over dinner tonight, I was aware of how my brain seemed to ache from over use.  Funny how thinking is as exhausting as running.

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