Thursday, December 15, 2011

Playing Dumb

There is one sort of human you should always play dumb to. Even if you're usually very smart, you should let this one sort of human assume you don't have the brains to put your socks on before your shoes. That would be the computer tech support type of human.
Granted, I might have earned this little adventure with computer tech support. I quipped the other day that I enjoy teasing a friend of mine (who is a computer tech support type) that I so appreciate the "cup holder" that came with my computer. HAR HAR HAR
And, I sent an email to a colleague in which I crowed about triumphing over the machine. But, that was after having to unplug, replug, and attempt to scan a document all morning long.
Yesterday, my computer decided to exert a little power and control in my life. It failed at an update and BOOM! I can't access any of my programs from my desk top.
I woke up several times in the night, heart racing, in fear that today I would discover the blue screen of death on my computer today.
But, 15 minutes of making a tech guy wonder why he didn't go into accounting, and VOILA! I'm the master of my domain again. Whew!
I told the guy to use small words and speak slowly to me. This was met with one word instructions. I also told him that I was well aware that part of the problem existed between the chair and keyboard. Hopefully, if I ever have to call him back, he'll not run away to join a circus.

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