Friday, December 09, 2011

Monkey Christmas

I like how many holidays we can incorporate the word "monkey" into . . . Monkey gras, Monkey Christmas, etc.

The SMLF has decided that instead of exchanging gifts, we'll have a cookie exchange. YAY!! COOKIES!!! The rules are easy . . . we'll have a healthyish lunch and then lay out goodies and people/monkeys can pick a selection that suits their tastes. We also require that recipes be included so we can make a "cookie cook book." We ask that a minimum of 3 dozen of anything be supplied so everyone can have more or less an equal share.

Since I've never ever done anything the easy way, I'm planning on three cookies. Snickerdoodles. Macaroons (some will be choco dipped) and bourbon balls. We seem to have a couple monkeys who don't like chocolate, so a totally non-chocolate recipe was needed. I love the taste of toasted coconut. And who doesn't need 15 bourbon balls at lunch time on a Monday?

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