Saturday, November 12, 2011

Childhood Trauma, revisited

This morning, while Phenom and I were enjoying the paper and coffee, he read out loud the bit in the weather forecast about weather from years past. It noted that this week, many many many many years ago, our area of the world experienced a freak snow storm and that it was the only recorded significant snowfall before thanksgiving in the area.

And just like that, the childhood trauma was brought back. And, it explains so much.

See, that snow happened just a few days prior to the Phenom's 11th birthday. And, at some point during that freebie snow day, it dawned on the Phenom that being out of school then would mean that they would be going to school for a make up day that Saturday, on the Phenom's birthday.

The Phenom says that the rest of the afternoon was spent trying to shovel all the snow away from the road in hopes that school would not be held on Saturday.

Now I understand why the Phenom doesn't enjoy birthdays. Imagine, being 11 years old . . . your birthday falls on a Saturday, meaning you'll get the whole day to play. . . and a freak snow storm ruins it. And, I understand why the Phenom acts like weather is a personal inconvenience to him. Because it has been.

Funny the scars we carry.

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