Monday, October 03, 2011

I didn't forget

This year, as you may remember, my New Year's resolution was to explore some new music. I've not forgotten that pledge. I haven't yet found a group I could see myself following around and flinging knickers at, yet, but I've not given up.

The latest exploration is Robbers on High Street. I'll confess, I'd never heard of them before, until a friend started dating one of the guys in the band. Then, out of pure loyalty, I started listening. I'm thinking I'll make a purchase soon.

I like the sound . . . reminds me of 80s british pop/punk that I listened to in order to annoy the Old Folks. I'll need to download an album or two for my next road trip . . . I seem to catch lyrics better when I'm in my car.

If you listen to the Robbers on High Street station on Pandora, you can hear other groups that are similar . . . and totally fulfills the whole "new music" requirement in my life.

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