Friday, October 07, 2011

Homeward Bound

Back, the week of the hurricane/storm that blew threw these parts in the beginning of September, the stray cat Possum had a batch of kittens. I've written about how I ended up burying 4 of the 5. Well, the fifth one survived. We aren't taking chances with him. We started a campaign to find him a real home.

This picture, along with a couple others, scored him a home. The plan was to scoop him up this weekend, take him to the vet to get cleaned up a bit, and then to his new place early next week . . . of course, teaching him the beauty of the litter box first.

Yesterday, when I pulled into my drive, I found him with an older freeloader at the end of the drive, very near the street. I thought about picking him up then and bringing him in, but when he went back to the safety of the steps, I let him be. Last night, when Phenom took out the trash and to feed the freeloaders one last time for the night, this little man came prancing out from under my car. That won him a free trip inside.

He is currently in isolation in the bathroom. He has toys and a couple of soft sleeping options and a litter box and a bowl of soft food. He cried a bit after lights out, so I let him explore the bedroom a bit before putting him back in the bathroom.

This morning, there was a bit of pouncing on toes and purring and most importantly, LITTER BOX USE!!

I hope the sweet, little old granny who is taking him will be pleased with her new little bundle of kitty.

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The Super Bongo said...

Not that human limits on gender apply to furry things, but the vet trip revealed that little dude is a girl.