Thursday, September 22, 2011

Talk Sexy to Us

I haven't decided if Bachman has just gone way way off her talking points or if she has crafted a campaign based solely on controlling the sex lives of the entire nation.

I know the media hones in on a message and beats it to death and beyond. And, a little part of me wonders if the all sex talk all the time media portrayal of Michelle Bachman isn't because she's a chick. Rick Perry is just as messed up about sex, but we see media coverage of other issues with him.

On the other hand, we have a candidate that seems to allowed her campaign to be totally derailed by sex issues. She submits to her husband . . . she doesn't want sex ed to be taught in schools . . . she thinks gay people should be denied rights granted to non-gay people by birthright . . . she doesn't think women should have easy access to contraceptives and/or preventative reproductive health care . . . she seems to think that the handful(s) of girls/women who develop cancer each year from a virus are expendable.

For a party who thumps their chests and claims to believe in big government staying out of our lives, they sure love to know/want to control what we're doing during sexy-sexy time.

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