Thursday, September 01, 2011

Out of whack

The weather has finally started to be reasonable. Around here, that means highs just in the upper 80s but pleasant mornings and evenings. I've put up the inflatable oasis because our evenings aren't quite so oppressive now. But, I'm not quite ready to plant fall garden items just yet.

And, a combination of a very poor production of a cooking show (the host kept swaying back and forth and the camera person couldn't hold the camera still) and a work all-nighter had me hitting the hay at 10pm last night. Generally, an early bedtime means I'm on death's doorstep. But, the extra couple of hours of sleep meant that I woke up an hour early this morning. And, because I'm a big ol' dork, I just went into the office early.

Good thing it's a long weekend coming up and I'll be able to get myself back onto my usual snooze button tapping schedule.

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