Monday, September 26, 2011


When I was a young, freshly rescued monkey, the Old Folks had a little poofy dog named Doc. Actually, his name was Doc Watson. He had been found by the Old Folks' daughter who had an English Sheepdog named Sherlock.

Doc had a little under bite, and he was a fun little thing. He was blond, and energetic, and bounced around and yapped like any good sidekick dog.

The Old Woman generally kept a supply of home made cookies on hand. Her most common cookies were a spice cookie that had raisins in them. Doc loved cookies for treats. But, he didn't like raisins. He became quite adept at munching down a cookie and spitting out the raisins.

This came to mind last night, while doing the dishes and scraping the peas from the fried rice out of Phenom's bowl.

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