Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This Could Be a Problem

Back in the day, when we lived in small apartments, I would fall asleep each night listening to Phenom pace and run lines. It was soothing. Now that we have a nice, big house, I have to settle for BBC radio to lull me into sleep.

Keep this in mind for the next bit of this story.

I love love love Anthony Bourdain. You know when girl friends drunkenly ask you who are your "three celebrities you could snogg and it not destroy your marriage" ? (No? you need to drink more with 30-something women.) Anthony Bourdain has always been on my list. Then I would explain who he is, and why I find him so damned appealing. At home, the line has been something closer to "I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers." Then I'd have to explain to the Phenom, who has never considered meals or snacking in bed, what that means.

Recently, I made a startling discovery . . . the sound of Tony's voice lulls me to sleep. As much as I love his show, I usually end up asleep before it's over. Finally, I've decided that there is a quality to Tony's voice-overs on his show that are very much like Phenom's practicing.

Thing is, I have tickets to see Tony Bourdain and Eric Ripert later this fall. I'm going with a friend. I hope she'll wake me up when it's time to hang out around the tour bus and see if we can score auto-graphs and pictures.

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