Tuesday, August 02, 2011


This is Stinky. She is about 7 years old and the sweetest, easiest to have cat ever. She is quiet, loving, and rarely requires negative attention. She likes to hide in cabinets during the day, or sleep on the kitchen table. Her very favorite thing is when I open the kitchen window in the spring and fall and she can spend mornings sleeping in the warm sunlight.

She is a "morning cat." Meaning that in the mornings when I'm leaving for work, she'll come say good-bye to me at the door and want just a little attention. Also, when I'm working at the computer, she'll jump up in my chair, stand up with her paws on my back, and nuzzle the back of my neck.

Lately, she has been feeling poorly. In fact, this evening she has become the winner of an all-expense paid trip to the vet's office in the morning. Nothing particularly wrong. . . just unusual behavior for her.

Frankly, I'm surprised our critters don't fake being sick all the time. When they are sick, they get spoiled rotten. We hand feed them treats. We love on them extra. We pretty much cater to their sick and twisted little cat whims.

Tonight, Stinky seemed to not find her usual perch comfortable. So, I dug out an old wool sweater she use to like to sleep on. Rejected. I tried an old shirt. Rejected. I pulled out a purse that she once claimed. Also rejected. I retrieved a polar-fleece jacket. Rejected with tail flicking. Finally, I pulled off the shirt I was wearing at the moment. And, we had success.

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