Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mad, Domestic Skillz

Not long ago, I mentioned in passing to a friend of mine who works at the local ag. department that someday, I don't really know when, I'd like to take their canning classes. Today, my friend called me to say that her co-worker who teaches the canning classes was going to spend the afternoon making and canning salsa with a bounty of veggies local farmers had brought in to their office, and did I want to come help/learn? In return for my labors, I'd get a jar of salsa to take home.

So, I took the afternoon off from work and showed up ready to can it. I spent much of the afternoon chopping tomatoes. And the salsa was a recipe tested to be able to be canned properly. I learned about the importance of acid in canning. I learned about the differences between water bath canning and pressure canning. I learned all sorts of good and useful stuff.

We ended up making 18 quarts of salsa plus a little more for folks to snack on. Tomorrow, after they cool completely, I'll get my jar. I'm torn between opening it immediately to share my handiwork or saving it for the zombie apocalypse. I'm pretty sure when we're holed up, hiding out from the zombies, some zesty salsa is gonna taste good.

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