Thursday, June 02, 2011

A better outcome

Back in college, I had a group of friends who shared a large house. They were the hippies in my friend circle. They did internships with greenpeace, they were vegans, they spent many a night up discussing the way corporate America was killing the planet . . . you know, normal stuff for college kids.

One weekend, as they passed around smokables they threw together a community pot of chili. Lots of veggies and beans and chili powder. And, they made a HUGE pot. A pot far too large to fit into the fridge at the end of the night. So, brilliant students that they were, decided that since there were no meat products in the chili, it would be safe to leave out on the counter, covered, for the night.

The next several days saw record tp usage.

This was what was brought to mind this week when I reasoned that I could drink what was left in my water bottle from the day before. It had been tightly closed (metal bottle) and there was a splash of lime juice in it . . . so surely the acid would keep bacteria from growing, right?

I'm happy to report, no such uptick in tp usage.

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