Wednesday, October 10, 2007


First - the petty -- the problem with wordless wednesday is that I usually think of a more perfect caption after I've posted. Darn it. I think it's my life story.

Second - amazing how if someone else is in a funk, you get in a funk too. Funk sympathy. Too bad funk sympathy isn't helpful to the original funkee.

The Chick is in a funk. I'm not sure how to help her unfunk. I can't lop off any of the heads harshing her buzz. I can't impose control on a world spinning beyond control. I can tell her I'm sorry and that I love her to the very tips of my monkey toes . . . but that only really goes so far, you know? Maybe seeing the word funk used as so many parts of speech will appeal to the writer in her and make her feel a smidge unfunked?

Lastly, I think I might have told my last lie to the Phenom. Now, my lovely but outrageous statements are met with, um, no reaction. There isn't even an effort to prove it's a lie any more. Much sadness.


The Chick said...

I'm working on the funk. Hopefully the funk is on it's way out. But the song says that we actually NEED the funk and GOTTA HAVE the funk, so maybe I should keep it?

kellypea said...

I don't do Wordless Wednesday. I naturally rebel on those sorts of things, so do Nearly Wordless Wednesday. How lame is that?