Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oscar the Bold

Bongo has a new kitten. Yes, it wasn't too long ago that we had a new kitten -- but, that Kitten is now a couple years old and sleeps a lot and looks around to make sure no one saw it run into the wall.

The new kitten is actually a kitten we found under the Phenom's car. The Phenom fell in love with the kitten - and on Sunday evening decided that the poor thing had been outside long enough. So, Oscar the Bold joined our family. Although, none of the other cats seem to appreciate his wide eyed innocence or fascination with attacking tails.

Oscar the Bold will come running when you call his name. He is a grey and black tabby - but has a speckled belly. He has a mouse like chirping squeak of a mew. Right now, he's conducting gravity experiments off the couch.

Pictures when I can get him to stop moving long enough to snap one. I know, I'm coming ever closer to being one of those crazy cat 'people' -- but, can I help it if cats are drawn to my animal magnetism?

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