Friday, September 21, 2007

Catalog Avalanche

A couple of years ago, the Phenom - who is prone to neatness whereas I am not - asked that I make it my new years resolution to not allow the piles of catalogs to get quite so high.

I look around and realize I've failed on that account. But it's not really my fault. First of all, I think I'm on every single catalog mailing list known. Secondly, they sometimes send multiple copies of the EXACT SAME catalog. And, lastly, it would seem that some of these catalogs send out variations on the same catalog weekly.

So, my one and only task this weekend - is to dig out from the piles and piles of catalogs and pitch the vast majority of them. That is, once I sober up.

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Allen Briggs said...

Have you heard of the mail preference service? This appears to be the on-line version of it now. I don't recall paying the $1 when we did it some years ago. If you order something from someone, they can add you to their lists again, but it cut down significantly on the number of catalogs we receive. The effects seem to be wearing off some now, but it's been at least 5-7 years since we mailed our card in...