Monday, September 03, 2007

belabored day

I did pretty much nothing today. Well, apart from cooking and laundry - but nothing that anyone would notice outside the home. I didn't text message anyone. I didn't make anything (beyond chicken and rice for dinner). I didn't plant anything. Pretty much no labor beyond that which is required to survive another day.

And, isn't that the point?

I woke up late because of my drug induced sleep. I actually had to force myself awake - I could easily have slept several more hours - which was quite the change from Sunday morning when I was awake at 6am and couldn't sleep. I padded around in my "monkey jams" (pjs with monkeys on them). I cooked up some chicken and rice -- freezing half for a future date. I did a few loads of laundry and then slept all afternoon. Well, slept after watching several episodes of Anthony Bourdain.

Two of the four kittens have gone missing - so much of the evening was spent worrying. But, still - no real work. That all changes soon. This week, I need to accomplish the work of two weeks because next week - I'm off to places exotic.

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The Chick said...

I would have liked to have that day today. Sigh.