Wednesday, September 26, 2007


September has been a whirlwind. With travel, and annual evaluations, and new products hitting the market, I've hardly had time to sit and think. I can't believe that we are already through the month. And, before I know it - the holidays are going to be upon us.

And you know what that means - I'll have to come up with a new "new year's resolution." I don't suppose "have ANOTHER hot krispy kreme" really packs the same punch that the original hot krispy kreme had. Any suggestions? I mean, beyond the obvious "world peace."

I'm not so beat I don't have time to plan to party. This weekend I'm doing a bar crawl with college pals. Only, the bars will be upscale, groovy places with cloth napkins -- not the stickied floored places of our youth. And, I have two parties planned for next month. I may be running after my own tail, but that's no excuse to fall behind in partying. Really.

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The Chick said...

Where is you going? I am sitting home tonight while The Hub and pals go to Van Halen. I feel so left out. Sigh.