Thursday, August 02, 2007

The butt kicking, the karma turn around, and me

First - the butt kicking. Someone from another office was trying to lay claim to my territory and my work. I was snippier than I normally would be - but this person just kinda annoys me by existing. It's so nice to have a specific person we can blame EVERY last thing on. I won.

Second - I am up for an award!!! If I win - I get an expense paid trip to a big city - one with a Major League Baseball team. And, a rival from another office (who cut outta town in a BIG hurry if you catch my meaning) appeared on the front page of the local newspaper. Only thing missing was a striped suit and a number under the chin. But, it will do -- especially since, although I thought about alerting the media, I didn't and my karma remains intact.

And lastly, Tomorrow - I am going to the beach and I'm going to get drunk. Plus, I've saved a couple of rather interesting pills from the doctor for the occasion. I'll be feeling no pain one way or another. And, I'm going to get drunk. Did I say that part? And eat bacon. Booze, beach, bacon - the TRIFECTA!!!

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