Saturday, June 30, 2007

Loading up on the cortizone cream

In an article appearing in the Weddings and Celebrations section of this week's NY Times, the notion is put forth that the so called "7 year itch" really is more like a 3 year itch.

They blather on about our fast forward society, the increase in co-habitation, and child free relationships make it easier to walk away. Individuals who themselves have experienced the "3 year itch" wax on about being bored or the relationship not being thrilling anymore.

The Phenom and I co-habitated without the benefit of marriage - before finding a nearly blind justice of the peace to do the deed. We hustle and bustle our way through our days. And, we don't have children. But we've been together a lot longer than 3 years, or even 7 years.

I think that the long term relationship is not just about a commitment to another being, but also a commitment to yourself. I also think that you have to assume that you don't know everything about the other person. I still learn things about the Phenom. That's one of the things I like most about us. We also make time for each other - be it a meal together or a movie or chasing each other around with nerf sporting equipment. (Because we don't have children in the household, we don't have to have stuffy rules about not running in the house or throwing things.)

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